Crafty Eats

One of the things I prefer when being crafty is that at the end of doing something fun and creative I’ve got a useful product. It adds to my fun when all the time I’m creating something I’m also thinking about how much someone’s going to enjoy using/wearing/cuddling/eating/sleeping under… whatever it is I’m making. My … Continue reading

Life is What Happens…

Life is What Happens…

… while you’re making other plans? It’s been more than a while since I wrote here. Not because I haven’t thought about it. Nor because I haven’t sat down and actually put words to paper (so to speak). I’ve simply found myself caught in the current of an ever changing life, thinking, “Yeah, next week … Continue reading

Horses Heal Hearts, Part Two

Day Two: my mother speaking: We went to cheer a widow today, 8 weeks from the day her policeman husband was shot to death. He left her with 3 girls and a baby boy. Amy O’Rourke had planned a 5th birthday party for their daughter and didn’t know it would expand into the grand party … Continue reading

Horses Heal Hearts

For the next few days my mother will be authoring my blog and I’ll simply be editing it. The reason for this is a series of emails I got from my mother explaining something she’s been up to.  I can’t say it any better than she has and it’s really worth sharing, so…

A Blankie for Boopie… and so it grows

Boopie’s Blankie is coming along nicely. K1b (Knit One Below) is a technique that is amazingly simple and yet – for me at least – has also had a learning curve as far as the actual kinesthetic memory of  it goes. I’m a combination knitter: purling by wrapping under the stitch and untwisting the resulting … Continue reading

A Blankie for Boopie

The children in my family have a longstanding tradition of rather odd nicknames for their siblings. My only son called his eldest sister, ‘Soggy’ for a large portion of his growing up years (her name was, in fact, Michele, but as a small child she referred to herself as ‘Sezzie’ – you see what I’m … Continue reading

Before I go…

I should be focusing entirely on packing, etc., but finishing a spinning project is getting ready to leave…

Erin’s Shrug

As you can see from the photo, I did complete Erin’s shrug in time for the True Woman Conference.