Happy Baby/Happy Aunt! :-)

Just got word from my niece that our little princess loves her new backpack [pattern courtesy of Peanutzmom ]! Of course, Great Aunt Laura just hates to hear that! [NOT!]

So, my fellow “Crafty Ladies,” what have you completed?Image


7 thoughts on “Happy Baby/Happy Aunt! :-)

  1. Hi Ladies!
    I just returned from another trip to WalMart for more supplies for my Loom Knit Bag…I finished the body and will begin working on the handle. 😀 Looks pretty good for my first go around! Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday…

  2. Hi! I am almost done with my 3rd square for a go-over. I also did another “star” dishcloth last week; I just have to cast off. I went through one of my yarn boxes and sorted out the different types, and found that I only have a bit of wool, not enough to finish a go-over. But I have lots of orlon acrylic, in different colors. I may have to set aside the wool for now. THEN…I want to start a market bag! Can’t wait to see Lesa’s and Lauren’s bags! See you all on Friday, Lord willing.

    • Wow! Great job Mrs. Leichty! Abby is working on two squares right now, one on the loom, and one hand knitted!

      Oh, that would be awesome if you would make a market bag, those are so fun!

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