“We Give” Wednesday

Remember those “squares” I asked you [if you’re reading this & you’re one of my students] to knit? And remember, also, my allusion, yesterday, to Magic Yarn?

 [Oh!  Here’s another interesting take on that idea: one we might do for each other, students?]

Welltoday I hope to bring it all together.

BTW, no, those squares don’t all have to be 10″x10.”  6″x6″ is good. 8″x8″… They can be knitted. They can be crocheted. They can be loomed, felted, cut from old sweaters…. you get the drift.

What’s this? It’s the beginning of  a square made with the “magic yarn” some of you may have seen sitting in my “odds-n-ends” box. It’s taking me a while because as I come to each join I’m redoing it with the method we saw on yesterday’s video. Overall, though, I’m pleased. All those seemingly useless bits & pieces are becoming something useful & beautiful; all because they’ve been joined.

And what will we do with them? Ah! That’s where the magic really happens! To you and me these little squares are just “worthless” remnants of our stash (“she who dies with the most yarn: wins!”), but what happens when we put them together? MAGIC! Observe:

Or how about this – a free “pattern” (more like a tutorial) I downloaded from Tangled Online Magazine (if you’re starting to feel this is going to be a favorite resource of mine; you’re right!)?

Clicking on any of these photos will open new pages in new tabs that will give you LOTS more information (and FREE patterns)!

Alone, the projects and needs represented on these pages could be overwhelming. Together? We are much more than the sum of our various parts! Hmmmm…. kind of like those yarn bits… and the squares… and the Body of Christ?   🙂

magic yarn ball received

magic yarn ball received (Photo credit: Tania Ho)


13 thoughts on ““We Give” Wednesday

  1. Hey, I am almost done with the base of my bag! 🙂 Makes me happy!
    Is binding off the same thing as binding off for the bag the same as a hat? I’m guessing it’s not, so if it’s not I’ll look at one of the videos to see how to do it!

    • You’re right. Binding off for the bag is NOT the same as binding off for the hat. And you’re also right in checking the video. It covers it very well.

    • Great job, Abby!
      You & your sister will use the same bind off method.
      Yours will be a little easier because you don’t have to join the circle at the end since you’re knitting flat on your loom.

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