Promised Pattern

My students have been wanting to bless someone else with their crafting. One of them (thanks, Nancy!) contacted a missionary friend to ask if that friend, Sandy, could use some hand knit and/or crocheted items, such as: market bags, clothing for “her” orphans, etc.

When the answer came back an enthusiastic, “Yes!” several of my ever-eager students asked to knit something in addition to the squares I first mentioned (ref. yesterday’s post). So… I hunted the internet for a simple mesh bag that our friend can use for marketing, carrying needed items and so on. Finding many patterns that were close, but not exactly what I was looking for – in terms of functionality and ease of knitting and using only skills I knew my beginning knitters had – I finally “unvented” a pattern of my own and named it after our friend, hence,  Sandy’s Market Bag.

One caveat: I have taught my beginning knitters how to knit both flat and in the round right from the beginning. In addition, they have “magic loop” experience. I realize not all beginning knitters have these techniques. There are, however, many well-done, pertinent YouTube tutorials available, if one is interested.

The pattern is very basic, but the knitter can add her/his own details if they chose and if they have the knowledge. For instance, on my bag I added a few rounds of garter stitch in the round to the base of the bag, used two colors for the bag instead of one and made striped i-cord for the handle/drawstring (as opposed to one-color i-cord).

If you’re interested in a copy of Sandy’s Market Bag  you may click on the link below for a free .pdf which you can have “all for your very own.”   🙂

Sandy’s Market Bag.pdf

Some of my students have opted to loom knit their bags, using this great pattern from GoodKnit Kisses. Either way they’ve chosen, I’m really proud of them!    ♥♥♥


5 thoughts on “Promised Pattern

  1. Mrs. Lin, I would just like to thank you for helping me finish that bag, once again! It means so much to me!

    And guess what I am starting? A 10 inch square! Hopefully you will be seeing 1 or 2 (maybe even 3) by next week!

    Also, are we going to be ending after next week? I hope not! 🙂 I love these classes! They are the greatest EVER!

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