“B” is for Blankets

Or is it for “busy?”           😉

I’ve finished the crocheted blanket I was making for my granddaughter, Scotlynn. It was supposed to be a stash-buster and I’m glad to say that it really was! I think this is the first time I’ve done a so-called “stash buster” project and haven’t ended up buying some yarn to fill in. A happy dance is called for, don’t you think?           🙂

Scottie's Mile-A-Minute Blanket; Nana's Design

Scottie's MAM Blanket

I’m also happy with the progress I’m making on the Dream Catcher squares I’m making for Scotlynn’s brother(s). I’ve decided that I’m going to make both of the boys similar blankets: difference being that one will feature a blue border and the other a green one.

Plugging away on the blanket my Daughter-in-Love, Jennifer, asked me to make for her sister’s baby-on-board. This is a fun one, too! It’s the Easy One Row Handspun Blanket de la Harlot!, perfect for knitting while watching documentaries with DH.           😉

Soft & cushy! 100% cotton worsted yarn & thick texture

A-a-a-a-nd, last but not least, our knitting group’s blanket project is safely bagged – to protect it from curious cats – and awaiting further squares.

Ha, ha, Kitties! Foiled again!




2 thoughts on ““B” is for Blankets

  1. Good to know our 10 inch squares are protected!

    I completed the actual 10 inch square I was working on Friday at your house. I was going to give it to you on Sunday, but you weren’t there.

    I also completed 2 of those cell phone/soap bags and they turned out really well! Thanks for letting me borrow your 12 peg loom. I might by one of my own, but I’m not sure.

    Look luck with all of your knitting projects, and congrats on finishing that blanket!

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