“E” is for Edgings

3 Lace Edgings of Mlle. R. de B. translated by Franklin Habit from Knitting, Crochet and Netting (1846) by Eléonore Riego de la Branchardière
Click for pattern

I love knitted edgings!

I think they add just a bit of luxury to almost anything.

Take a piece of simple knitting, add a creative edging and you’ve just transformed the piece from ordinary to amazing!

Blah pillowcases, hankies or tablecloths become treasured heirlooms.

Details can make a huge difference!

Sunroom Easy Lace Edging - Knitted Pattern
Click for pattern

Leaf Edging
Free Knitting Pattern by KarensVariety.com
Click for pattern

Miss Brown's Counterpane Lace Flounce
Click for pattern


2 thoughts on ““E” is for Edgings

  1. I voted 😉 And anyway, You know what else you could have done for E? E-wrap! Isn’t that the easiest stitch EVER?

    Thanks for teaching me e-wrap AND pural AND all of the other things!

    And you know that plastic bag idea? Well, it’s great because I took the yarn in plastic bags I am using for cell phone/soap bags in my knitted bag on the way to Bryan Ohio today…we went to the Spangler candy factory over there. IT WORKED GREAT! Thank you so much! I completed my 3rd bag! (I really wanted to have more than just 3 by this time, but it just didn’t happen!)

    I can’t wait to see what F is!

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