“F” is for Fun!


Laughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love my husband dearly, devotedly and [sometimes] distractedly…. but that isn’t because I don’t see him realistically!

My husband is an uber-responsible kind of guy and I love that in him.  I also see that, left to himself, he can take that to an extreme that isn’t good for him or anyone else around him.  So, part of my role in his life is to add FUN!

It’s a testimony to his longsuffering wisdom that he’s learned not only to accept this part of who I am but to embrace it.  At times he even turns the tables and does/says/sends something to add necessary FUN to my  life!

And all that has gotten me to thinking: my husband (and I) aren’t the only people around who could use a bit more FUN in our lives.  So, today, here’s some FUN!



6 thoughts on ““F” is for Fun!

  1. The Cat In The Hat says it best: It is fun to have fun, but you got to know how. Also, When a mommy cat and a daddy cat love each other very much, they decide that… The Cat is right — Awkward! Mixed innuendos, anyone? Signed: Gotta love the Bunni!

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    • Thanks for the link.
      I love the picture of you jumping on the bed. Brings back some good memories (& more recent lessons in being child like without being childish) for me.

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