“G” is for…

Google wordmark

Google wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My mind having gone completely blank at the letter “G,” I decided to “google” “words beginning with g” (yes, I know “Google” starts with g).

An interesting-looking site called The Phrontistery (it means “a thinking place”) popped up, containing a “list of unusual words beginning with G.”  Unusual words?  Of course, I was immediately hooked.

The first word on the list was gabardine, which I don’t find particularly unusual, being a seamstress, as well as a knitter. Nor were gad, gabble, gangway or gibbet words that struck me as odd or relatively unknown.  But did you know that galactic means (in addition to the meaning one usually associates with the word) “of, like or pertaining to or obtained from milk”?  Did I learn that in science class and then forget it?  It did tickle some ancient associations in my brain…

Then there’s galeanthropy, which is the belief that one is a cat (does the word still pertain if one truly is  a cat?).

How about this one: gaposis. Gaposis is a gap in row of buttons or snaps. Now how did I ever miss that one?! That’s a useful word for a knitter or a seamstress!  “Excuse me, Miss, but your cardigan is suffering from an extreme case of gaposis!”  Okay, maybe not.

I also didn’t know that genappe is a smooth worsted yarn. If I walked into my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) and told the helpful clerk that I was looking for a genappe, would I be understood?  Or would I, rather, be hurried to the door? Perhaps I should give it a try?

Yes, I could have written about genius, or gentility, or genomes…or even garages (certainly not genocide or garbage, though)!  But it seems more fun to giggle with gaminesque gentry as we gad about in  a list of unusual words.                                   😉


2 thoughts on ““G” is for…

  1. Super funny post! Not sure if I’ve ever met someone who suffered from galeanthropy…..and gaposis – who thinks of these words??? Thanks for the ping! 🙂

  2. Yeah that would be funny walking in and asking for genappe yarn 🙂 I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t get it…but I don’t think they would hurry you to the door. 🙂

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