“H” is for Hank

No, I don’t mean “common nickname for Henry.” I mean “hank,” as in a loosely twisted length of yarn.

Two hanks of the same wool, one coiled and the...

Two hanks of the same wool, one coiled and the other uncoiled. A tie is visible at the left in the uncoiled hank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a problem with hanks. We don’t play nicely together….at all! I have a yarn ball winder and I also know how to wind pull skeins on my thumb or make little pull bobbins on my fingers. It’s not that I can’t handle loose yarn. It’s that I always end up tangling hanks, specifically.

Having a couple of hanks of yarn that had been given me – and having drooled over the yarn itself repeatedly – I decided to see what the internet offered in terms yarn-hank-handling wisdom.

This website looked promising, Learning to Knit: How to Handle a Hank.  It promised a “quick and easy way to handle a hank of yarn” (THEIR words). This sounded good so I read carefully; then dutifully sat down to deal with my first hank. Let me say, right off, I don’t have a yarn swift. I discovered that feet work quite well, but do eventually become cramped. DH to the rescue with an extra pair of hands (extra to me, he has the usual number). Hank successfully undone and rewound.

Two days later DH is at his print shop – not a place I like to visit with clean yarn in hand – and I have another hank with which to deal. Hmmm. Feet are already “crampy” from CRPS and I really, really want to knit with this yarn (see Monday Musings/Therapeutic Knitting ). Okay.

How to Wind a Hank of Yarn – For Dummies! Yes!

No!  Although I did have a chair back that was willing to hold still and hold my hank, I also have four cats and 10 thumbs (at least it felt like 10 thumbs that day)!  What my clumsiness didn’t manage to tangle, the cats finished for me.

An hour later I did have – after much weaving, bobbing and screaming at gently remonstrating with my demonic beloved cats – a ball of yarn from that cursed beautiful hank of yarn.

I need a yarn swift. I also need a locked room in which to place it. Padding for said room is optional.

Comparison of a hank of yarn and the ball made...

Comparison of a hank of yarn and the ball made from it. Lavender silk, and slightly shiny. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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