“J” is for “Jewelry…

In My Crown,” which is my “baby” sister’s blog.  

In her own words,

“The purpose of this blog is to share my experience as an Independent Premier Design Jeweler.

I chose to become a Jeweler with Premier because they have one of the best hostess plans I have ever seen. Plus, their dealer compensation plan is great as well.

I used to sell a different home show product while raising my children and that product did not have the benefits that Premier Design has. In addition, Premier Design has a Golden Guarantee on each of their products

Finally, Premier Design is a bible-based company in the days to come you will see this is very important to me.

If you like jewelry (and what women doesn’t like a little bling from time to time) you enjoy getting together with your friends and you really love free stuff think about having me over. Your friends can have fun playing in my jewelry box while you earn lots of bling.”

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One thought on ““J” is for “Jewelry…

  1. You know Mrs. Lin? I really like that you have helped me see what wordpress is really like, because before I never looked at ANY wordpress blogs. I was familiar with it…but I never got into it. Maybe sometime in the future, I will design a blog on wordpress. You never know with me! 🙂

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