Today I’m featuring some free knitting patterns that contain words beginning with “Q.”  Most are, as you might expect, “quick,” but not all.

Quick and Easy Scarf

First, I’d like to show you Coat’s and Clark’s free pattern “Quick and Easy Scarf.”  It is quick and easy, but the yarn used gives it a delightful texture that provides what I like to call a high satisfaction to effort ratio.  In other words, it’s easy but doesn’t look it!

Quick Eyeglass Case

The next pattern is the “Quick Eyeglass Case,” featured in Creative Knitting Newsletter.  Creative Knitting says this pattern is both easy and quick: “Make it in one day when you need a quick gift!”  Sounds good to me and it looks good too!

“Quickie Linen Stitch Scarf” uses the same easy stitch used in the eyeglass case. I love the texture!

Quickie Linen Stitch Scarf

Quick No-Purl Keyhole Scarf is cute, quick and uses only knit stitch to create.  All you “I hate to purl” people take note!


Quick No-Purl Keyhole Scarf - FireFlower Knits

And lastly (always save the best for last?), I fell completely in love with Naturally Caron’s “Queensland Wrap.”  This wouldn’t be quick, but oh! So pretty!  I love ruanas and this wrap qualifies as one.  I tend to use my own colors and to change yarns when using patterns I haven’t designed myself, but I think I’d follow the recommendations exactly for this pattern!

As usual, I’ve linked the photos to the patterns if you want to get your own copy.

Happy Knitting!


Queensland Wrap


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