Tips and Tutorials

And what could be a better start for a “T” day than a tutorial on “Travelling Loop” method of knitting? To see this excellent tutorial from “Shifting Stitches” (Oct. 2009), click on the photo below.

The Travelling Loop or Single Loop for small circumference knitting

Staying with the “T” theme, here’s a link to learn Turkish Cast On on one long circular needle.

Turkish cast on on one circular (Free tutorial)
Knitting patterns and tutorials from Browneyedbabs

Thirdly (and lastly): Two Toe-Up Socks at One Time on One Circular Needle, from Heidi Bears (try to say THAT three times, fast). 😉

Two Socks -at-a-Time on one Circular Needle
blog for Heidi Bears


8 thoughts on “Tips and Tutorials

  1. This is a great “T” choice! 🙂 I’m currently knitting my first pair of socks done Toe Up on one Circ needle. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but so far it’s working out. The math has me a bit off kilter and at the moment, if I did the math right, I’m ready to start working on the gusset…if not.. well….it will be a REALLY short pair of socks. LOL.

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