It feels good to be back!

Last week I had my grandchildren, Monday afternoon through Thursday morning.  Since I still had bronchitis during that time I definitely wasn’t in top form, particularly not for the night that the baby cried all night… literally, all night.   That said, I’m still thanking God (again, literally) that we were able to have the kids.  Granted I got no blogging done – nor any knitting either – but these things are temporary and children are eternal….. um, meaning that their souls are eternal.  God forbid that they should remain eternally children!

Having had the weekend to put the house back into a semblance of order, get the laundry caught up, do grocery shopping and other assorted tasks that needed my attention, I’m now enjoying a relatively quiet, sunshiny day.

My “office” is in our loft, overlooking our living room. My service dog is napping at my feet, curled peacefully and respectfully next to my knitting.  A hot cup of organic coffee sits beside my laptop.  Looking down I see my living room, which, from this angle, assumes a fairy-like quality. The cats are dozing, their bodies twisted into strange positions, extremely uncomfortable were I to attempt them, but oddly restful to look upon in feline form.

Life is good!

Knowing that the children would require my complete attention for the time they were with me, I did push to finish a ruana and hat for my daughter before they came.

Michele’s Broomstick Ruana and matching tam

And, enjoying the relaxing, yoga-like quality of knitting without patterns I did a newborn cocoon and coordinating Fair Isle hat for my daughter-in-love’s newest nephew, after they left. I love puttering along, just making things up as I knit! It’s kind of like letting the yarn whisper to me what it wants to be. 🙂

Newborn cocoon and Fair Isle hat

The rich aroma of Slow Cooker Lasagna is working its way up the stairs and, as if this day weren’t already full of blessing, I am almost done with the body of Myra Wood’s Belle Plume-V-neck Top-Down Feather and Fan Bolero (Craftsy.com “The Perfect Fit Crazy Lace Cardigan class)! Oh, yeah! Life IS good!


One thought on “Whew!

  1. I kind of know how you feel, watching 4 kids for more than just a couple of days can make you enjoy the peaceful, not busy days in your life when they come around again!

    That hat and scarf are very pretty, Mrs. Lin! You are a great knitter, I don’t know anyone who is better at it then you! Did I mention I saw someone at the Hair Salon that we go to knitting while she was waiting for her next appointment! I couldn’t tell what she was knitting because I wasn’t always facing her way and I WASN’T going to stare at her for more than a couple of seconds 🙂

    I am sorry for leaving so many comments, because I always think of more things to tell you after I have published it. Rats! Anyway, I am sorry I didn’t give you that 10 inch square on Sunday. You were talking to some other people so I didn’t interupt! Do you even still need it? I guess I could use it as a dish cloth if you don’t need it 🙂

    Wow! What a long comment 🙂 They need to have a max on the characters 😉

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