Crazy Lace!

I’ve been working on Myra Wood’s Craftsy class, Crazy Lace.

In fact, I’ve been having so much fun with it I haven’t wanted to tear myself away from the knitting needles for long enough to blog, or even take photos!

The click of the lace needles isn’t drowning out the guilty voice nagging me to share, however, so here are some quick pics to give you an idea of what has me so obsessedengrossed right now.

This designing as you go is waaay too much fun!




Oh! I almost forgot! I did finish the Belle Plume, which was the first project in Crazy Lace. Here I am wearing it for Mother’s Day.


Yeah, I know. You see way too much of me & not enough sweater detail. What can I say? My Dear Husband took the pic & he shot what interested him!   😉

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10 thoughts on “Crazy Lace!

  1. Gees, you never cease to amaze me at your knitting skills, Mrs. Lin!
    I’ve got to get back to those looms…I’ve just been awfully busy. With school finishing up (it’s almost done) and softball almost every night, I just can’t fit it in right now!

    School ends: Thursday May 24th
    My knitting (hopefully) willl pick it up again: Friday May 25th

    Any ideas on what I should make??? I DO have yarn, and I guess I could go buy more if needed.

    • Well, that’s one of the nice things about knitting, Lauren; it’ll still be there when you slow down! 🙂

      As to what you should make: some of those little bags? Or, if you’re ready, I can show you how to do a shawl on your large loom.

      • What do you mean by little bags? I’m so sorry, if I am right you mean the soap bags correct? I just have to get a loom, and I don’t think I want to buy one *right this second,* maybe in the future (I need some new sunglasses; my other ones are to small and I need some new ones for the summer approaching; tee hee). As for the shawl…I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for that yet. I would like to make a couple of smaller things before moving on to such a large thing as that.

        Thanks to you though, I can actually make some decent things! Thanks a million!

      • You’re welcome to use my small loom for a couple more weeks, if you’d like to make some more soap bags (they make good gifts).

  2. I guess I would like to use it just one more time, maybe just for a week if that’s okay with you. Do you know if you will be there not this Sunday but the Sunday after that? I probably wouldn’t even use it next week so if it’s at all I would like for it to be after school’s out 🙂 If you still need that 10 inch square I really need to give it to you! 😦 I’m sorry for not giving it to you sooner. If you don’t need it, I’ll use it for a dish rag or someting 🙂 (If you can even use it for that)

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