See my new toy? !


This came just today! I’m actually taking some time from my Crazy Lace to devour the book, which is a wealth of practical, historical & scientific information (yes, I’m such a nerd).

I will admit to assembling the spindle & playing with it right away by plying some commercial yarn.  Creating new colorways & textures with yarn I already have is fun, fun, fun!  I can hardly wait to get my hands on some roving!     🙂

Happily I live not far from a sheep farm which has nice roving for sale. Mwoo-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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5 thoughts on “See my new toy? !

  1. Exciting! will you please write a how-to? I actually signed up for a spinning class but then couldn’t attend 😦

    • Today was my first time using a drop spindle, so I’m not sure how soon a how_to from me would have any credibility.
      However, within a week our so I’ll know which online tutorials/videos were most helpful to me & I’d feel pretty comfortable about pulling together a set of links and recommendations (as well as pics of my own baby step fiber results).
      Would that work for you?

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