Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

It’s Father’s Day here in the US, and what could be more appropriate than for me to honor my own father?

Yes, that is a rhetorical question so – allowing expecting no objections from the madding crowd my loyal readers, I will continue.

First let me point out that the feature photo here really is my father. Handsome devil, isn’t he?


Next let me thank my father for giving me the example of a man who did not leave the job of his own education in the hands of others, but has always been self-motivated enough to take charge of his personal education. My love of books and learning has come to me through both my father and my mother, but this does not water down the unique role my father played — and still plays — in that life-long pursuit.

Which leads me rather neatly to another item for which I’m grateful to my father: thank you for choosing my mother as the woman with whom you became a parent. I know that it hasn’t always been easy and I know (being married and a parent myself) that there have been times during which each of you seriously wondered if it was the right thing, but the reality is that the two of you are what God has used to make me… and — in part — my children and my grandchildren. I can think of no heritage I would rather have than the one the two of you, in combination, have given me.

I honor you for making decisions along the years that might not have been in your best interests as a person, but were certainly in my best interests as a child. I honor you for making — and enacting — many difficult decisions that I hated at the time, but were best in the long run. I honor you for the warped great sense of humor you passed on to me — and to my children through me. I also honor you for a strong work ethic and a strong sense of family, and of personal and civic responsibility, and for… well, there was a lot! Too much to list here, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Most of all I honor you for taking me to church as a child; for seeking God as a man, a father, a grandfather and great-grandfather; as a business owner and as a citizen; and for teaching me, your daughter, to do the same (in the appropriate gender roles, of course!).

And if anyone ever doubts your ability to have faith in a God bigger and wiser than yourself, they have only to consider that I’m the firstborn and you still chose to beget other children after me!


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

"Thomas Middleton of Crowfield and His Da...

“Thomas Middleton of Crowfield and His Daughter Mary” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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