What I did on my summer…. vacation?!

Summer… vacation… the two words seem to go together, don’t they?  Vacation… rest… refreshment… ummmm… insanity?  

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It’s been a summer of transitions: transitioning from one stage of CRPS to yet another, transitioning from simply a grandparent to grandparent/part-time daycare-giver, transitioning from woman with boundless energy to woman desperately trying to find energy, transitioning from having my sister about 4 hours away to having her 10 hours away, transitioning from “I think I have a fair idea as to how the next few years will look” to “hey! I can’t tell you how the next hour will look!”

The only thing consistent about this summer was the inconsistency!  Now that’s not a complaint, just a fact.

So what does that mean as far as writing/blogging/knitting/spinning etc.?  Well, I’ve discovered it means that if I don’t find a way to make time (and find the energy) for things that are creative and uniquely “me”  I’ll probably implode.  It means that those dreams I had while my children were growing of learning this, that or the other “when the kids are grown and I have the time” are going to have to change to “while the grandkids are growing whether or not I have the time!”

I think I’m not alone in this.  It seems to be a common theme, well summed up in the old proverb: “If you want to see God laugh, tell him your plans.”

There’s another old proverb I’ve been thinking over a lot lately, too: “Young children disturb your sleep.  Grown children disturb your life!”

And yet… would I give up a single one of my children? or grandchildren?  Would I give up having RSD/CRPS if it also meant giving up the lessons I’m learning from it?  Would I have not visited my two elder daughters knowing that getting there and back would be so draining… or that the aftermath luggage debacle would steal so much of my time and energy?  No!

So I guess what I did on my summer “vacation” was continue my lifelong education.

Okay, so – putting it that way – it was a pretty re-creational summer!



One thought on “What I did on my summer…. vacation?!

  1. After past experience, I can understand how you feel with four little kids around! I’ve watched some kids before, and I know that they can be a handful…but always fun to be around! I was once one myself 🙂 I think that I’m going to be going into the babysitting job here pretty soon. I’ve been thinking about you, and praying for you these past few months because I know it’s been a busy summer! It seems like the summer went by way to fast…

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