What to do…?



These are the two of the plethora of things clamoring for my attention today.

One is the almost-completed Crazy Lace [Myra Wood] bolero I’m making for a surrogate niece of mine.

The other is to tackle this learning-to-spin thing again.

This Thursday I’ll be traveling to the True Woman Conference in Indy with my delightful young nieces and their mother. Mama and elder niece have their shrugs. I have mine. Dear Erin should have hers, too. And she will!

But this spinning thing… I’m really struggling with it and it’s been many years since I’ve had a learning project present a real challenge to me.

On the one hand I’m delighted to have a challenge! On the other hand, it’s a high pain day: do I dare add to the stress levels today? Even ‘‘good’’ stress?

So what to do?

I think another cup of coffee is in order.

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