Erin’s Shrug


As you can see from the photo, I did complete Erin’s shrug in time for the True Woman Conference.

Sadly, Poirot was unavailable, as Netflix wasn’t playing nicely with my wireless player (a frustratingly frequent occurrence of late, but I digress),

Hercule Poirot

“Why is my show not airing? Someone is not using properly the little gray cells!”

so I finished it while doing the inevitable “I’ve got to pack this and it’s dirty’’ laundry.

Her shrug was made with Copley’s DK weight 100% wool in a cream.  This lovely wool is no longer available, but a friend gave me several balls from her late mother’s stash.  Thank you, Marci!  The young lady who will wear this shrug will appreciate it all the more for its commemorative value!


2 thoughts on “Erin’s Shrug

    • Thanks, Lauren.
      Lucy’s was made from the same yarn/ same pattern, but very different detailing.
      Mrs. Landon’s is also same pattern, but – again – different in its final effect.
      That’s the beauty of this pattern: so much room for individuality!

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