A Blankie for Boopie


The children in my family have a longstanding tradition of rather odd nicknames for their siblings. My only son called his eldest sister, ‘Soggy’ for a large portion of his growing up years (her name was, in fact, Michele, but as a small child she referred to herself as ‘Sezzie’ – you see what I’m saying here?).

My granddaughter, Kaylin, called her newborn brother, Phenix, ‘Boopie’. Nineteen months later, Boopie he is still.

I have a longstanding tradition (eighteen years, now) of making blankets for all my grandchildren. I wish I could say that all thirteen grandchildren have gotten their blankies at birth, but, sadly, no… life happens.

So here, Boopie, is the beginning of your blankie. I promise to have it completed before you leave toddlerhood (and that nickname?) behind!

For the technically-minded reader, this blanket is being done in K1b stitch, using a bulky yarn (Hobby Lobby’s First Love in colorway, Engaging) and worsted weight (Caron Simply Soft in a light greyed blue) for a thick and thin striped column effect.

I’m using size 10 Knitpicks acrylic needles.

The drape is sumptuous and I’m amazed – as I always am with K1b – at how light, yet warm, is the resulting fabric.

Hopefully Boopie will feel lovingly hugged in this Nana Blankie.

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7 thoughts on “A Blankie for Boopie

    • LOL! Phenix likes anything that’s soft and warm – which this is.
      His mother likes the colors and pattern and I guess, for a baby blanket, that’s the bottom line.

    • Thanks!
      The multi-colored yarn is a woolen-spun yarn (loose, light and lofty) plied with a thin nylon strand. The result is a bulky weight, thick and thin yarn very similar to Lion Brand Homespun. I find it a little easier to work with than Homespun, however, as it seems to fray less.

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