Horses Heal Hearts

For the next few days my mother will be authoring my blog and I’ll simply be editing it. The reason for this is a series of emails I got from my mother explaining something she’s been up to.  I can’t say it any better than she has and it’s really worth sharing, so…

I will explain that when my mother refers to her boarders, she means the owners of any one of the horses she boards.


I’ll be missing church today because I’m helping my boarder, Karen, in her efforts to cheer the family of W. Bloomfield police officer, Patrick O’Rourke who was killed a month ago when a man shot through the bedroom door and hit him.  He left a grieving wife and 4 children.

The wife is a nurse, as is Karen, and she [Karen] was inspired to take a horse to the family for the kids to ride. She belongs to a group that takes a horse to cancer patients or other house bound people who love horses. She mentioned it to others and it has grown to a huge surprise for the family. They know she is bringing a horse and some snacks this afternoon. What they don’t know is it’s grown to 20 volunteers helping, a local pizza parlor sending pizza, Oxford Saddlery sending a gift bag, lunch for the volunteers being provided, Tim Scarberry showing up with his trick horse that climbs atop his horse trailer and another horse so there will be two horses for the kids (it’s grown to 20 kids coming, too)  [and] so many things donated for the gift bags.  Just too many to tell you.

A friend of Karen’s, a photographer, will be there to make gift CD‘s for the kids and widow, Amy O’Rourke. Several of Patrick’s  [fellow] police officers as well as the family of  [another of] my boarder[s], Julie – whose husband is a deputy sheriff – will also attend.
I’ll be leaving here for Tyrone Hills Golf Course where we’ll set up my long table to assemble the gifts, have lunch at noon before going to the O’Rourke house at one.  It’s going to be a cold day.

The tees Karen had made for the kids were donated by a printer.  They are white with the logo “Horses Heal Hearts” on them.  The printer made some for us – the volunteers – in blue, silk screened in white with that logo and someone who wants to be anonymous paid for the shirts, so I’ll have another tee.

Daylight’s burning and I’ve a ton of chores to do before leaving for the event. 

Have a great day.

Tomorrow, pictures from a very special day!


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