Life is What Happens…

… while you’re making other plans?

It’s been more than a while since I wrote here. Not because I haven’t thought about it. Nor because I haven’t sat down and actually put words to paper (so to speak). I’ve simply found myself caught in the current of an ever changing life, thinking, “Yeah, next week [month, season, year?] it’ll get easier and I’ll have this figured out.”

Right! After more than ten years of having a degenerative central nervous system condition (read: lots and lot of chronic pain and unpredictable nonsense) I’ve finally learned that there is no “normal” with this thing, that constant change is the only constant, that there is never a time without some new fire to extinguish and that the rest of life doesn’t stop while I figure out what my body is doing! If that sounds like I’m feeling sorry for myself, I’m saying it wrong. It’s actually quite a relief to just look at it head on and say, “Yeah, this is my life. So deal!”

There are plenty of blogs that deal–wonderfully–with these kinds of conditions and this one isn’t going to try to be one of them. They’re where I go for inspiration and that ubiquitous kick in the pants with an arm around the shoulder. “Spoon Theory” has been a life-saver for me, to mention just one.

And that brings me to why I’m writing today: I’ve been both inspired and shamed by some of the writers that I follow. The chronic pain blogs that I love best include information that isn’t always about chronic pain. The crafting blogs that I find inspiring include personal ramblings that make them human… those little touches that remind me that I’m dealing with real, three-dimensional humans… that we are all more than simply the sum total of our pain, or the current project on which we’re working.

These blogs that I love so don’t always read as polished magazine articles. They read moer as what they are: public diary entries. They’re insights into someone’s life and they don’t assume that they have to always be amazing or “relevant.” Yet, they do manage to be relevant more often than not. They manage to be amazing in that they’re sharing a part of themselves, for better or for worse. If people love them, fine. If they don’t… well they aren’t being forced to read!

I have no pretty pictures to share today, no great wisdom, nothing to recommend this blog entry at all. I’m not egotistical enough to think that this is going to shake someone’s world. But it’s my random thoughts and they can be read or ignored as one wishes. Maybe they’ll strike a chord for someone else/maybe they won’t. It’s all good.

But there is this: if you’re still here with me at the end of this, please know: I may not know you–I may never meet you face-to-face–but I know this; you are someone special. In my belief system Someone created you, loves you, died for you and–conversely–continues to live for you. That makes you infinitely valuable! So: as one valuable person to another–may today be the beginning (or the continuation) of something amazing for you! May you find joy in the mundane. May you receive all the hugs you need; today and tomorrow and every day for the rest of your life! May you laugh! And even if, like me, simply walking or standing is a painful physical challenge, may you dance! If not literally then figuratively.

Now excuse me: I have some dance steps to practice… from my chair will be good enough.


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