Crafty Eats

One of the things I prefer when being crafty is that at the end of doing something fun and creative I’ve got a useful product. It adds to my fun when all the time I’m creating something I’m also thinking about how much someone’s going to enjoy using/wearing/cuddling/eating/sleeping under… whatever it is I’m making.

My husband’s not big on knitted items–understandable since his metabolism tends to run on the hot side. But he loves to eat! And that works well because, in addition to being a fiber fanatic, I love to cook!

My newest kitchen toys are my digital pressure cookers: one a Maxi-Matic Platinum Elite and the other an Instant Pot. Even after thirty years of stovetop pressure cooking I’m amazed at the things I can do in these multi-cookers!

Friday I baked a Chinese Sponge cake in the Instant Pot, while I had dog food cooking in the Maxi-Matic. The kitchen heated up not a degree and neither did I.

Saturday was homemade chili in less than 30 minutes. And the really nice thing (in my opinion at least) is that it tasted like it had been made the day before and was allowed to sit overnight and get that yummy umami thing going. And, essentially, it had been because all the components to make the chili were sitting in my freezer in nice little pint containers, having been made earlier in the week and frozen! I didn’t even have to thaw; just run enough water over the bottoms of the containers to loosen the contents, dump, add 1/2 cup of water, seal, program and go read a book until the Instant Pot beeped to tell me that it was done. Husband chowed down and I received the compliments; cool, collected and smiling.

Tonight was the piece de resistance, though: Instant Pot version of the slow-cooked Mississippi Pot Roast (thank you, Jeanine Ross for doing this excellent conversion)!


Why pressure cook when I could have slow-cooked (the Instant Pot and the Maxi-Matic both have excellent slow cooker function)? Well, I, personally, prefer the taste and texture of pressure cooked meat over slow cooked. And I’m usually too busy in the morning to be messing with a slow cooker anyway.

And… I’ve never watched my husband dive into a slow cooked roast the way he did this one. Actually I’ve never watched my husband dive into any roast, much as he loves roast, the way he did tonight.

Yeah, life is good and I love being crafty!


2 thoughts on “Crafty Eats

  1. Cool idea Laura! I’ve never used a pressure cooker…I don’t know much of anything about them, but the best part for my family of four ravenous kids would love to be able to eat a yummy meat meal within an hour! Do you have any ideas of price range and/or size for a pressure cooker for a hungry family of 5 boys and me?😋🌸 Someday I hope to get it together again, have all the kids in school, and possible begin some fun projects again. Right now my family is on round 2 in about 3 weeks Of strep/and subsequent yeast. Blah! I miss writing you, and I still think of you and pray that your chronic pain will ease, or maybe just miraculously go AWAY! Thanks for including me in your blog! I hope you have a wonderful upcoming weekend! Love, Peggy 🤗


    • Hey, Peggy! I miss our almost daily conversations of past years, too! Thanks for commenting here.
      Yes, I can give you some recommendations. I’ll text you with them tomorrow, if that works for you.

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